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The Mayor's Office is the top level of administration and policy making for the City of Rockford. The office serves as the focal point for the City and provides information and direction to citizens who call for service requests and information.  It is the mission of the Mayor's office to provide the leadership, initiatives and direction necessary to provide quality services to the citizens of Rockford.
The Mayor is assisted by the City Administrator, who is responsible for the day-to-day municipal operations.
The Rockford City Council acts in conjunction with the Mayor as the legislative and policy making body of the municipality. There are presently fourteen council members. There are fourteen aldermen, elected by ward, with four year terms all ending in the same year. Council members legislate once a week as a whole and also meet in weekly committee meetings; Finance and Personnel, Planning and Development, and Code and Regulation. Aldermen make decisions; pass ordinances, appropriate funds and present initiatives so as to best represent the needs of both their respective constituents and the City of Rockford as a whole.